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Private/Hard Money Lending Our sole purpose as a lender is to provide people the fastest and easiest access to private money and hard money loan options secured by real estate. In fact, you can get funding in as little as 5 business days through one of our many available loan programs. We are an equity based hard money lender who will give you a loan based on the merits of the property you want to buy - not your own personal merits. What exactly does that mean to you? It means you can get a hard money loan regardless of your credit, job history or income, as long as we can see upon evaluation of the property that you will make a profit doing a fix and flip. It's totally different from a traditional mortgage where your ability to qualify is completely dependent upon your credit score and income. It's totally different from a traditional mortgage where your ability to qualify is completely dependent upon your credit score and income. Investing in real estate is a possible solution to these problems! But the only ay to utilize this solution is through hard money lending institutions. Q: Do you only provide hard money lending for fix and flips? No! You can get hard money loans for commercial properties, land, new construction and refinances on properties owned free and clear. What's Cool About Hard Money Loans Q: Does your credit score matter? Yes - to a certain degree. Good credit can help you to get a better interest rate (and save quite a bit on your interest), but we don't use it to determine if you can qualify for a hard money loan. Q: Do you need 100% financing so you can get started with no money out of pocket? We have developed programs that give you access to additional financing options on top of your hard money loan, that can make it possible for you to break into real estate investing with no money of your own. When it comes to hard money lenders, NO ONE else has these creative programs available to help you do deals! To get the details of these programs, you can email us at Call (813) 400-3537 For A Hard Money Loan! Why Do You Need Hard Money Loans? As a real estate investor, you need hard money loans that will provide flexibility and autonomy so that you can be in control of your finances and future. You also need to make a good profit, so weve tailored all of our hard money loan products to meet these particular needs for you. You have goals and dreams you want to accomplish. For some of you, it's gaining financial freedom that allows you to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want. For others, it's independence. Maybe you want security and peace of mind during troubled times. Or perhaps you just want to spend more time with your family. No matter what your reasons, you see investing in real estate as a vehicle to achieve your goals and dreams. But there's something blocking your path to the better future you want: money. Hard money loans are the solution to this problem and we are here to help make it easy for you to get that solution so you can realize your goals. The reason our hard money loans work so well is that our company was founded by an actual real estate investor who has personally been involved in real estate transactions for over 15 years. Doesn't it make sense to trust a hard money lender that's walked in your shoes? We'll Fund Your Hard Money Loan! Investing in real estate may not be the only reason you could need a hard money loan. Youve been asking for additional loan options for refinances, commercial properties and land for quite some time. Youll be happy to hear that weve recently expanded our business to accommodate your requests. When Getting Hard Money Loans, It's Important To Know What Separates Hard Money Lenders. With Hard Money Lending, There's More Than Meets The Eye! Most hard money lenders come from banks and "traditional" lending institutions where they evaluate a property by what it currently is not what it will be after a little TLC. These people dont have a clue about what it means to find a property and improve it for a profit. We DO! Plus, these so called hard money lending places will usually sell their loans to Wall Street or banks. That means their hard money loans have to conform to guidelines that make it extremely difficult for you to be successful. Not to mention that once the loan is sold, you are stuck with the servicing of your loan by whoever bought it. We are a hard money lender that will provide you with hard money loans designed for you to make a profit and are always backed by private investors who want you to succeed. All of our loans are serviced directly by people who have an intimate knowledge of investing in real estate as a profession. Many of these other hard money lenders will require you to put down significant portions, often up to 35-40% of the deal if you have bad credit. With us, you get a hard money lender who won't require a large down payment if you have bad credit. Other hard money lending companies will ask for payments on your loan, we have loan programs that don't require any payments during the initial term! You can easily buy, rehab and re-sell a property and NEVER have to make a payment on the note out of your own pocket! What other hard money lender can say that? Pitfalls To Avoid With Hard Money Lending Institutions There's really two different kinds of hard money lending companies. The first are direct hard money lenders who will underwrite, fund and service your loan. The second are brokers who just shop your loan out to a direct lender. You have to be careful when dealing with companies that only broker hard money loans. Many of them are simply fee collectors that will require you to put up anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars before they will give you a hard money lending decision. These types of places may or may not have the intention of funding your application, but if they don't, they will keep your money! We have strategic partnerships with direct hard money lenders so that we can fund deals in states that are not our primary lending states. That way you get the best of both worlds because if you have a good deal, we will get you funding! Any time we work with a partner hard money lender on your deal, we do all the leg work of communicating with them and scheduling your loan closing. You never get passed off to someone who doesn't return your calls or finish up your deal. Hard Money Loan - No Credit Required! You can find out more about our loan programs and all of the different services we've put together to help you become a successful real estate investor by calling us at (813) 400-3537. Where Do Hard Money Lenders Get Their Dough? The funding that backs hard money loans for your real estate investment deals has to come from somewhere. Hard money investors are people who believe in real estate and understand how important it is to driving our economy and building long term sustainable wealth. These people put up their own capital to fund real estate investment deals. Now they don't do this simply out of the kindness of their heart, they are looking to make a profit off the interest they charge on the loan. However, it's a win/win scenario because you make money on buying and selling a property, they make money on the interest from your hard money loan. Because a hard money loan is secured by a piece of real estate, it's an extremely safe investment. That's why hard money lenders are willing to take a risk on you and fund your deals even if you have bad credit. So if you are a go getter, you can utilize hard money to fund real estate investments where you profit handsomely and so does the investor who funded your deal. To discover the services that make us one of the only hard money lenders that can take you from where you are to where you want to be through investing in real estate, it's really quite simple. just call us at (813) 400-3537. What's The Difference Between A Private And A Hard Money Lender? These terms are often interchanged and it's really done incorrectly. What separates these two terms is the source through which you are obtaining financing. If you are using private money lenders, it means you have direct access to an investor who will put up the capital to fund your deals. Usually it's someone that you know such as a relative or friend. But even if it's not, you have to find this person and convince them you and the property you want to buy are worth investing in! That's not the easiest thing to do for most people... A hard money lender is essentially a conduit between private investors who want to fund real estate investment deals and people who need financing, but don't have direct access to a private investor. We have relationships with many private investors and hard money lenders who want to fund your fix and flip projects. We've taken all the work out of finding these people for you, that's why it's so easy to get a hard money loan through us! Get A Fast Hard Money Loan! Call us at (813) 40-3537 or email at:

What is Hard Money?

A hard money loan is a collateral based loan against a hard asset - typically real estate - and is often referred to as private mortgage or private mortgage note. Unlike typical mortgage loans, hard money loans are provided by private sources (individuals and small lenders rather than large government or Wall Street backed sources). Hard money loans are often used if a person is having a difficult time getting approved for a conventional loan. The approval process for a hard money loan is usually much more streamlined than with a conventional loan because hard money lenders don't have to follow strict institutional lending guidelines, and because they look mainly to the collateral as security for repayment rather than the borrower alone.

Hard money loans can be used for both commercial and residential properties and, since private lenders use their own money, they are able to create their own flexible lending terms that will meet both their and the borrower's needs. Another advantage of hard money loans is that they are typically closed very quickly and with little documentation. Of course, since these loans are usually “outside of the box” and higher risk, the interest rates for hard money loans are usually higher then with a conventional loan.

If you are having difficulty obtaining conventional financing, or simply need a loan closed fast with creative and flexible terms, consider hard money.

Will my deal qualify for Hard Money?

Although here are many different types of hard money lending programs, the following can be used as general guidelines for determining whether your deal would be appropriate for a hard money lender. Even if your deal doesn't match exactly to these guidelines, feel free to apply anyway. My hard money team will let you know if your deal makes sense for one of our many hard money lenders:

  • Loans are usually up to 65% Loan-to-value (LTV) based off the After-Repaired-Value (ARV);
  • 100% of acquisition/construction can be financed no problem;
  • Both residential and commercial properties are OK;
  • Low credit scores? No income? That's OK too;
  • We welcome foreclosure/bank REO properties;
  • Interest only and "no payment" options are available;
  • All loans must be for business or investment purposes (sorry, no primary residences at this time);
  • We can handle cash-out refinances of land or existing structures;

If you have any questions about your deal or hard money in general, please feel free to contact me, or you may simply complete the application below and either me or my underwriting team will contact you.

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